Worried about having a boring event?

Mitch Harwood’s vast experience have helped his clients have deeper connections  leading to more sales.

Why? Because Mitch’s fun show lets people relax and gives your people, clients, and prospects a common experience to begin conversations.

Relationships are the key to marketing and sales, and Mitch helps you bridge that first awkward gap like magic.

Floating Table

3 Reason Why

•    Mitch has performed over 10,000 shows in his lifetime!

•    Mitch’s unique style of clean comedy magic guarantees you an evening that will not be stupid, boring, or offensive.

•    His quick wit and ability to engage his audience makes everyone feel like they are part of the show!

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Mysto with Fire


By focusing on your needs, what has worked in the past, and improving upon them, Mitch brings his vast entertainment knowledge to create a customized event to help your company shine.

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Make it snow


•    Mitch is insured for 1 million dollars bringing you peace of mind.

  • vast experience
  • lots of references
  • simple contracts
  • easy to work with

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If having an exciting, magical, and profitable event is your goal, then call him today.