This past week while on tour in the Four Corners area of Colorado a friend of mine and I hiked a mountain.  There was not much of a trail going up but we found our way up no problem.  But coming down we got hopelessly lost and could not find the road back to our car.  I was already exhausted after our climb up the mountain.  We ended up caught in a gully with steep sides bushwhacking over trees and underbrush on a slope.  The sun was going down quickly and we were faced with the real possibility of spending the night in the forest with very little gear.

That was when my determination kicked in.  Instead of succumbing to tiredness and hopelessness,  I got determined.  Determined to get us out of the valley.  Determined to find a road.  Determined to find other campers to help us out.

Suddenly I noticed I was no longer tired, or achy, or even fearful.  I was empowered by our need to succeed.  Sure enough, we found a road, walked a couple of miles and found some other campers who drove us a half hour back to the main road where we could make a phone call with 2% power on the phone to call a friend and a get home.  3 hours up the mountain, 5 hours down the mountain.

Determination saved us.  Determination taught me with great need nothing can stop me.  From now on I know that if I am “afraid” to make that cold-call, or I want to procrastinate moving my life or my business forward, to remember this day, get determined, and do what needs to be done.

If I can do it, so can you!