Private Functions

Not only does Mitch perform for corporate events, but since he is based out of Denver, Colorado he performs for Private Parties, too! Because his magic is fun and unique, no matter who he is performing for, you are guaranteed to be amazed and have a great time.

Parties and Special Events

This 45-minute show is for a banquet room, recreation center room, or backyard situation.  This show is perfect for family reunions, milestone birthdays, mitvah’s and quinceanera’s.


Mitch can perform a full show at your wedding or provide his unique brand of strolling magic. This can be done at cocktail hour or between the wedding and reception. During the reception he can visit each table doing close-up magic if you’re having a buffet. Many weddings have children at the reception and often they are done eating right away.  That is where Mitch comes in, taking the kids away from the dining area and performing a special 45-minute show just for them so Mom & Dad can eat, socialize, and get a dance in before the show is over.

This was the best idea I had for my wedding.  I barely saw my child except when he showed me his balloon animal”. – Bride at the Glacier Club, Durango

All of Mitch's events contain:

Sands of Time Mitch Harwood Magician

Amazing Magic

You’ll enjoy visually stunning magic that is both mind-boggling and fun. Mitch puts his own spin on the some of the classic magic that incorporates all kinds of surprises.

Mitch Harwood Magician Comedy


Mitch’s show has lots of laughs, but they’re never at anyone’s expense. His humor is always clean, appropriate, non-offensive, improvisational, and customized to fit your group.

Mitch Harwood Magician Interraction

Fun Interaction

Mitch frequently invites audience members up on stage to participate. It’s a perfect opportunity to have some fun with your CEO or VIP guest.

Make it snow

Make it snow

This was the best idea I had for my wedding.” – Bride at the Glacier Club, Durango