Watch how Mitch connects with his audience and how they interact with him.


Do you want your CEO, Sales or Project manager to be put “on the spot” in this magic show?  Here is how Mitch works with them to have some fun without embarrassing anyone.

Leave an Impression

Watch as Mitch performs the finale effect to his stage illusion show.  Don’t blink…or you will miss it!

The Fastest Trick in the West


As this video shows, Mitch is very lighthearted and humorous, but his show is also elegant, beautiful and full of wonder.

Dream a Little Dream

Close-up Magic / Magic Bar

A Personalized Show

MitchLooking for an entertainer who is fun and also amazes the audience? Mitch will bring you the right show for your event every time.

His troupe never fails to entertain. Mitch puts his own spin on the some of the classic tricks and incorporates all kinds of surprises. Music, a fast pace, and additional side-acts presented by his assistants make this a must see!