We Get To Do This

We have been working very hard on “The Harwood & Woodward Show”. It has consumed most of my thoughts, my fantasies, my time, and my conversations. 
The other day I said to Woodward “I know this is a lot of work.”  
In which she replied “Are kidding?  This is not work.  I ‘Get To’ to do this!” Woodward has this ability to see life in a positive aspect all the time.  She has taught me that even if something is hard or time consuming the idea of “I get do this!” “I get to have this experience” changes the idea from hardship to gratitude. Gratitude for everything.  All the good, all the bad, and everything in between.  In our personal lives and and the world stage.  We “Get To” have these experiences. Be thankful.  Our experiences could be much worse.  
So the next time work or life seems hard, be thankful that you “Get To” have the experience and then move forward from it.
Just today, I was getting breakfast.  I was performing at a festival in Crested Butte. The cafe was packed.  The haggard waitress got me some coffee and did not return for quite awhile.  She never took my order.  My 1st cup of coffee was long gone before she returned.  Instead of getting impatient or upset (which I might have done in the past)  when she returned all apologetic I told her that I loved her and when she brought me another cup of coffee, I would love her even more.  She brightened up right away.  She poured me coffee from a fresh pot, took my order, and started calling me “Honey”.
I over tipped her.
Because we “Get To” do this.  
We get to brighten peoples day.  
She “Get To” serve me and have a positive interaction. 
We all “Get To” spread magic as we go…if we want to.  
In big ways and small ways.

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